The Stans tour is named for the countries that make up the holiday tour

The Stans tour is named for the countries that make up the holiday tour. These are Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. The Stans tour is usually done with the Pamir Highway tour. This is because the Pamir Highway spans across all of these countries. Guests get to visit all of these countries just through what is essentially a road trip. There are some standout and unique places to visit on the Stans tour though. First up is Dushanbe. This is the entry point as it is the only international airport around the start point of the Pamir Highway.

The city does not only serve as entry point and a day is spent here on the Stans tour to explore the region. It is a modern city and the only part of the Stans tour where guests will overnight in a hotel. The city hosts the National Museum of Antiquities and the biggest library in central Asia. Depending on the time of the tour guest’s flight arrival, they will also get a chance to walk about Independence Square and have a look at the highest flagpole in the world. Second most unique place to visit on the Stans tour is Kalaikhumb.

Visiting tribal villages is always a high point on the Stans tour. TheKhorog area is famed for being remote and shying away from modernity. Hence, guests will gain access to true tribal culture. The tribes are very welcoming of outsiders though they do only offer up rooms for overnight stay to those they have developed relationships with. This is one of the main advantages of the Stans tour done with a travel company.


TheStans tour guests will get to live with the villages for the night and part of the next day explore the surrounding areas and watch first hand, their way of life. Third is the Geisel Valley. It’s a little outside of the highway and a bit of a trek to get to the narrow river but boy is it worth it. The colour kaleidoscope between the aquamarine water, emerald forestry and storm weathered rockeries and is any photographers dream location. Nearby to the Geisev Valley is the GarmChasma hot springs. The hot water is a welcome relief from the cold climate.

Even in the summer months, the Stans regions are quite cold in nature. The hot springs are also loaded with sulphur, a natural salt which leaves behind a healing feeling on the body. Forth is the city of Langar. Many forts are encountered along the way on the Stans tour but a highlight is Khakha Fortress. Built all the way back in the 4th century the remains still paint a picture of the high towers which were built to protect the western Pamir area. Fifth is Chichkan where guests get to see the transit point used during the Silk Trade days. It is the most multicultural town encountered on the Stans tour with Uzbeks, Turks, Russian and Tartars calling the place home.