A Pamir Highway adventure on bike may seem a brilliant way to travel

The Pamir Highway tour can be done in a motor vehicle but because of the fact that there is not much traffic on the road and some of it is considered dirt road, it is quite appealing to cyclists. A Pamir Highway adventure on bike may seem a brilliant way to travel this ancient stretch of road but only the fittest of cyclists are able to complete it. It has nothing to do with the length of the road which is among the longest in the world, but rather the height of the highway. The Pamir Highway is one of the highest in the world so altitude rates are very low. Add to this is the cold climate of the area which will make it damned near impossible for many without the skills, to make it further than a day on bicycle. Still, many are drawn to the Pamir Highway adventure on a bicycle.

It may be a challenge but the ride is done along one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, and each day brings about new scenic sights. This does make the adventure great for photographers too. Parts of the highway were also used during the era of the Silk Trade and cycling this route means getting a glimpse into history. The entire trip need not be a full day of cycling. So many side attractions lie in wait along the Pamir Highway. The Pamir Highway tour is not billed as an adventure of a lifetime for nothing. Along the way, guests get to interact with tribes who cling to their old world values and gain insight into their lives by spending the night at the village. Another interesting stop is the many forts.


There are many along the way and it would take months to visit them all so only the main ones are visited on the Pamir Highway adventure. It is a fascinating detour, as some of these forts were built centuries ago and somehow have withstood the ages. Explore them and live first-hand how the ancient people used them to protect their lands. Mountains line the Pamir Highway and it would be a sad day if they played no part other than beauty. Only the braver of souls cycle the highway and it is almost always the entire group who will participate in rock climbing these snow-capped peaks.

The gruelling climb to the top is worth it, if only for the epic scenery that awaits you.  With a Pamir Highway adventure, guests will get more than they would on other tour locations. The area is relatively budget conscious to travel at and so much more memories are taken back. Everything from adventure, culture and sightseeing is provided by the area, in abundance. Payment for the trip is done in advance and since food, accommodation, transport and tour guides are provided by the travel company, there is no need to bring along a huge sum of money. A small cash amount can be taken to indulge in some shopping at the local markets that line parts of the Pamir Highway.