The remote country of Botswana gives tourists one of the best experiences for a traditional safari

The remote country of Botswana gives tourists one of the best experiences for a traditional safari. The low population count means that wildlife areas are kept untouched with the people living in the city or outskirt areas. Areas visited on the Botswana photo safari include the Kalahari and the Savuti. This is by no means an ordinary tour package and is jam packed with learning and adventure.The heart of the Botswanaphoto safari however, lies in the photographic element.The famed saltpans offer a great spot for landscape photography. The Kalahari is a desert but is more grassland in nature.

Animals are encountered here but the fun lies in being able to quad bike or take rides on elephants. The Kalahari covers almost two thirds of Botswana and the tour does not delve right into its depths. The dryness of the desert ends when the Okavango Delta oasis is reached. This is the area where bulk of the Botswana photosafari will be spent. Here as well, there is opportunity to go on river cruises, canoeing and guided hikes. The area also boasts a lot of luxury game drive lodges. There is constant moving around on the Botswana photo safari with new lodges being stayed in every other day.


This makes travel into different parts of the Delta much shorter. The lodges are erected above ground level so that wildlife cannot access guests. It is for this reason that camping tents are not a good idea during the Botswana photo safari as they are propped on the ground. Lodges also serve as the base for photography workshops. One half of the Botswana photo safari is exploring this untamed land and seeing exotic animals in their home environment. The other half is being able to indulge in a bit of photography.

The Botswana photo safari is open to both amateur and professional photographers. This will make the workshop syllabus different so it is important to specify your photography abilities when booking into the Botswana photo safari. Guests would not want to be stuck in a class that is out of their range.Basic stuff like how to handle camera equipment and how to work with natural lighting is covered and more advanced techniques like shutter speed and camera angles as well. Guests on the tour need not bring along their own equipment unless they want to.

It is a workshop and all tools are provided for. Photography is big factor in birding which makes the Botswana photo safari ideal for birders as well. In addition to the massive amounts of different wildlife, there are also several hundred species of bird life as well. Birders would want to book into the longer Botswana photo safari as the standard 2 weeks will not offer much time to dedicate to birding. Botswana is a fairly stable and safe African country, making it an ideal visit for the entire family. The Botswana photo safari can be tailored for ruggedness, luxury or even something intimate like a honeymoon.