A Melanesian cruise takes guests into a world experienced by not many people

Melanesian cruise takes guests into a world experienced by not many people. In the region, lies islands that have very little to do with modernity and in doing so, retaining much of their heritage and wildlife. Each of the 4 islands that make up the Melanesian region have many of their own unique wildlife and bird species, making it a treat for nature lovers and birders. The Melanesian cruise tours are increasingly including birding tours in their packages. This will not be enjoyed by the entire population of the ship but just by those who specifically book into this type of tour. The Melanesian cruise can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Babies and little ones who will be bored should not be brought along as they could throw a tantrum and frighten off the birds. Older kids will have an excellent time exploring the jungles and getting the thrill of finding new species.


Older guests need to ensure that they would be able to keep up with the group. Although the trip is not very strenuous, there is a fair bit of hiking. Guests on this tour will get to enjoy all of the other amenities on board the ship along with a few non birding related tour outings. For birders, the Melanesian cruise is a way to travel in absolute splendour. The entire journey is relaxing and guests get to choose from simply lazing around or partaking in ship activities. Birders can also meet other people in their group and socialize with people who share this same passion. Birding is all about finding new bird species and logging them into your journal. It usually starts off with birders seeking out species in their home area. They soon find that they quickly expire these and need to move to outer areas to continue. It also gives them a reason to journey the world and not only find new species but to also see new countries in general.

The Melanesian cruise being one of these. Melanesia is not really a region many people will think of taking a trip to as not much is known about the area. Birders however, know that the islands are rich in bird life and will yield them great results from the Polynesian Owl to the Fiji Monark Shrikebill. It can be a costly exercise to go out on these expeditions as every country has endemic species. The Melanesian cruise is popular with birders because of the sheer scope of birds found on the islands. The question remains, of how birders can travel on a budget. Firstly, all birding tours come as part of a travel package and this is the cheapest way to travel. The second would be to stick with one Tour Company to do all of your birding travels. This way, you can be entitled to a bit of a discount on future trips. This way birders can even go on a couple trips a year and see that much more of this amazing planet and all of its unique wildlife.