The idea of holidaying in Africa is pretty intimidating to most westerners

The idea of holidaying in Africa is pretty intimidating to most westerners. Africa is booming with growth and taking to modern culture. The central, West Country of Ghana is the perfect example of this. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, holiday tours to this friendly country is on the rise. Ghana tour packages will not only consist of hotels and transport but also stops at all the famed spots in the city along with a tour guide to escort you along. The Ghana tour can be done in as little as a week or for a month long in depth adventure in the country. As all planning will be done by the travel company, guests get to just sit back and enjoy the ride. The entry point for the Ghana tour is in Accra, at the Kotoka International Airport. The city is always bustling with life, so even if flights do arrive late, there is still plenty of opportunity to explore. It is here that guests get to immerse themselves in their first taste of local culture and purchase souvenirs.


It would be wise to purchase at the end of the Ghana tour when the group will be arriving back in Accra for the flight back home. Accra is also a historical point for Ghana and serves as a memorial for the founder of the country, Kwame Nkrumah. After Accra, the next stop is the Shai Hills Reserve. Named for the Shai people, it offers the first sightings of wildlife in their natural habitat. Animals to be seen on the Ghana tour are monkeys, antelopes, leopards, elephants, bats and crocodiles. Ghana is known for its flora and cocoa production and it is here that guests get to see just why, and to get a sighting of the Wli Falls. The highest waterfall in West Africa also makes for wonderfully unique photos and also allows guests to take in a relaxing swim in its naturally formed pool area. Afterwards is lunch at the nearby town of Hohoe.

It is said that to truly get the real feel of Africa, one needs to get acquainted with its people. This is just what happens at the next part of the Ghana tour. Tour guests will have a chance to mingle with the Shai people and not only learn about their rich history but also the sanctuary that they have built for the endangered True Mona Monkeys. The next stop is the cultural capital of Ghana, Kumasi. Famed for their weaving, it also provides Ghana tour guests with an opportunity to pick up some locally designed and crafted items which can only be found in this region. Next stop is a national park. The Mole National Park is where Ghana tour guests get to see endangered species of wart hogs and elephants. Another wildlife setting visited on the Ghana tour is Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary. The Kakum National park is also a focal point on the tour and is a must experience because of its rain forest canopy. The one and only in Africa. Elmina is a town booming with sea life and fisherman. Africa is known for its wildlife and the Ghana tour outdoes itself in this aspect.