Oliver Peoples hits London

This summer Oliver Peoples made its first ever European debut in London. The eyewear brand opened its first standalone store in Europe located at 151 SolaneStreet, London. The opening of the store comes a whole 30 years after the luxury brand began to sell its frames in this country via a range of retailers and high-end opticians. Supposedly the brand wished to set up shop in London years ago but the right location didn’t present itself at the time.  Oliver Peoples’Chief Executive Officer, David Schulte informs us that,“We would have loved to have been here five years ago. I think the real estate in London is one of the toughest cities right now in the world.”

On top of thebrand’s 16current stores situated in locations such as West Hollywood, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, East Hampton and Tokyo, the store in London is expected to strengthen position as the “most exclusive eyewear brand in the world”. Solane Street links the luxury shopping destinations of Chelsea and Knightsbridge, meaning it is in a prime position The store will be located between the luxury brand stores of Chloe and Cartier. There is no doubt that Oliver Peoples fits right in!

The stores dark and moody interior was inspired by Schulte’s perception of London and its history. The brand’s enlisted architect Marmol Radzinerfrom LA is responsible for designing the boutique. The London store has a slightly different look to the other stores across the world. It is darker, featuring oak flooring, original teak and leather furniture and authentic optometry stools. The backdrop of the shop features floor-to-ceiling graphite suede wall panels, alongside a rosewood casework and metal fixtures. This represents the bringing together of contemporary urban living and luxury within one space.


The London store offers both Oliver Peoples Prescription Glasses and sunglasses. It also hosts   its seasonal collections for men and women as well as some of the brand’s collaborative collections. These will include Oliver Peoples x Byredo and Oliver Peoples The Row. A selection of limited edition, custom frames and also vintage style will be available.

Oliver Peoples held the stores launch on 14th September. The launch was an intimate affair in celebration of the brand’s first boutique opening in London. It was a star studded occasion as well-known faces such as Naomie Harris, Pixie Geldoff, Winnie Harlow and Talia Storm made their way to Solane Street to greet its new resident.Models- turned- waiters wore no other than the classic Oliver Peoples ‘Gregory Peck’ spectacles. These particular frames are one of Oliver People’s iconic styles and are in collaboration with the Peck Estate. They take inspiration from the signature style of Atticus Finch in the film ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. It’s got to be a pretty high end occasion when models are waiters for the evening, right?

Oliver Peoples stylishly combines Hollywood with high quality, vintage inspired frames. The house of Oliver Peoples sets out to attract confident intellectuals with anever current sense of style. This explains why the Oliver People’s store has been welcomed into London with open arms. It seems that the luxury brand couldn’t have found a better home than this major street in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. If you’re around the Royal Borough, then grabyourself a pair of Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, it’s the easiest way to heighten your street status.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Oliver PeoplesEuropean store. If you haven’t already, pay a visit.Soon, you’ll be able to spot Oliver Peoples’ frames perched on the faces of London’s rich and famous. So if you want that Hollywood edge whilst walking the streets of London,head over to Solane Street and get yourself kitted out with some iconic shades. It’s a little bit of Hollywood combined with the classic English charm.