Why Travellers Are Using Car Sharing Today

One of the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint on the environment is to use a car sharing service. According to statistics, an average vehicle is only used one hour each day. That tallies to 21,900 minutes per year. To reduce this type of waste, it is important to reallocate the resources that are available, and that means driving for a longer stretch in each vehicle.

A Win-Win Situation

Many travellers today are using car sharing whilst on business or holiday. Car sharing is a win-win situation for the sharer and driver alike. It makes the use of a car for hire more affordable, and the service also makes the planet an environmentally safer place to live.

Statistics show that shared vehicles emit less carbon dioxide and use less fuel. On average, shared cars are normally newer model cars, which also means they are greener. As a result, fewer emissions are released into the air.


Important Findings

According to reports, car sharing reduced carbon dioxide emissions in 2009 by just over 482,000 tonnes. Comparatively, that amount is around 70 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower. Another study showed that each person that shares a car releases 290 kg less of carbon dioxide annually.

Also, when you rent a car through a car share platform, the one car that you share replaces around 17 private vehicles. When more cars are out on the road, traffic increases, as well as the amount of pollution. By sharing vehicles, travellers and sharers alike are decreasing the impact of congestion and pollution.

You also have to consider parking. As the demand for new cars is reduced, more space will be freed for parking. One projection showed that one shared vehicle frees as much as 84 square metres of street space. This calculation is based on the idea of using one shared car in place of eight vehicles.

Maximising Your Vehicle Usage

When cars are shared, auto owners are more willing to seek other resources for getting around town. That means selecting the most beneficial form of transport. Sometimes a car is not necessary for certain journeys.

A Convenient and Affordable Way to Drive

Travellers and car sharers alike are discovering that sharing is improving the way we travel. Business travellers especially can benefit from a car sharing experience because many business people do not need to use a car for more than a few hours in a day. By using a car sharing service, they can drive to their meeting and dispense of the vehicle before getting on a plane. When you need a car for a few short hours, car sharing is both a convenient and affordable way to drive.

Make a Booking Online Today

Whether you are travelling on business or on holiday, you can book car sharing online. Making it a practice will not only reduce the costs of travel, but it will also make your trip a more streamlined, if not pleasant, experience.