Facts you’d wish you knew before visiting Paris to get that unparalleled experience

Paris is a beautiful, huge, amazing, historically and culturally rich city. For all those who still haven’t visited Paris, the first things that may come to your mind are grabbing a fair good deal on Paris airfare, finding a perfect hotel to stay and deciding on the different attractions which you shouldn’t miss. But at the same time, people who have visited this City of Love a number of times or who have been staying there for many years usually recommend about a few things which every individual should know before stepping on the soil of Paris. If you by any chance land up in Paris without knowing those, you might have to face consequences which are harsh enough to leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Let’s take a look at some such facts to consider before visiting Paris.


  • All Parisians aren’t rude and all of them don’t loathe Americans

No, that doesn’t mean that you will go and meet only polite and charming people when you go for your trip in Paris, but still people assume that all Parisians are famous for their poor of guests, and the assumption is much more than what they actually do. All the French people don’t hate Americans and this is especially true with the younger generation as they seem to be in love with American pop culture and whenever they meet Americans, they love to discuss about American music and movies.

  • Try your best to get a grip on French

No, that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to take many French classes before visiting but if you can learn a few common and most-used phrases, it would be a good idea. The most important phrase would definitely be “parlez-vous anglais?” which means “Do you know English?”The French people usually admire and respect those who take the minimum effort to speak a few words in French before assuming that everyone there speaks in English. You might have a disastrous accent but the Parisians will still appreciate your effort.

  • Taking a Metro Ride is always a better and easier option

When you’re off to Paris private tours with your family or with your beloved, you may soon get intimidated with the various colored lines that you see on the French map. But always remember that taking a Metro Ride is always the easiest option at hand. The metro in France is so well connected to some of the most important places in the city, that you will also find it comfortable and convenient enough. It is also the cheapest commutation. In case you plan to stay there for more than a week, try to know a few longer term phrases.

There are people who think that the fact that everything shuts down in August is a myth but this is not at all a myth. It really happens as everyone leaves off for a 1-month vacation and shops and restaurants close down for a week. Therefore, try your best to avoid this month and also follow the above mentioned facts before going there.