Tips for Playing Santa Claus at the Christmas Party

Perhaps Santa Claus himself was booked to show up at your Christmas party, however he was excessively occupied at the North Pole and couldn’t make it – so you have been requested to fill in. Taking on the appearance of Santa for a Christmas party is a great deal of fun – particularly when you get the opportunity to see the charmed looks on the faces of the kids.

So how might you be the most ideal Father Christmas? The most imperative thing is to truly get into character. You may feel somewhat weird and unsure, yet don’t stress over what anyone things. The children are the most essential thing, so ensure that they are charmed and captivated.


Here are a few tips for dressing as the Jolly Old Elf at a Christmas party at one of the hotels in Chester– or anyplace else.

Perfect your “Ho HoHo”

Santa Claus has a trademark snicker that everybody knows about – so ensure that you hone it so that you can do it convincingly! It ought to be in a low pitch and it ought to sound dapper and cheerful. Observe a few recordings of on-screen characters who have played Santa or kid’s shows that have portrayed Santa to hear a few cases of cheerful giggles.

Focus on Detail

Kids will see if Santa wears the same wristwatch you do, or if the straps of his facial hair are unmistakable. To keep up the enchantment, the outfit ought to be as persuading as could reasonably be expected. When you are altogether spruced up, have somebody investigate you precisely and ensure that there are no signs noticeable that reveal you as a fraud to the kids.

Never Break Character

Ensure that whenever you are in the Santa Suit, you are in character and are acting like Santa Claus would. On the off chance that the youngsters see you sneaking outside for a smoke or having a drink or removing your whiskers to scratch your nose, you’ll smash the picture of Santa Claus in their young minds.

If you are in the suit, you ought to be Santa-like at all circumstances. You may even need to change the timbre of your voice, with the goal that youngsters won’t know it is you.

Be Calm, Friendly and Gentle

Little ones may be anxious about sitting on the knee of an odd enormous man in a red suit, regardless of the possibility that they like the idea of Santa. Comfort them by guaranteeing that you have a quiet and agreeable attitude and continually talking in a moderate, relaxing voice.

Ask them their name and begin with simple questions for them to reply, for example, “are you looking forward to Christmas?” If the tyke doesn’t feel great sitting on your knee, they don’t need to. You can have another seat by you that they can sit on.

Try Not to Promise Anything

Regardless of what the youngsters let you know that they want for Christmas, never make a guarantee that you will bring it for them. It may be excessively costly for their folks, making it impossible to manage, or their folks may have as of now got them something else. Rather, say something like, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Have Your Answers Ready

When you are Santa you may get asked troublesome questions, for example, how you get into houses that don’t have fireplaces, or how you fly the distance around the world in one night, or how you fit every one of the presents for each kid on the planet in one sleigh. Ensure that you have contemplated these answers so that you can think and react quickly.

For instance, you could tell the tyke that your reindeer eat special food that gives them the ability to fly at the speed of light, guaranteeing that you can make it around the globe in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, you could let them know that Santa uses wormholes to hop from neighborhood to the next.

Look into Kid Culture

Do a tad bit of research into the part ahead of time, so that you recognize what children are discussing when they talk about toys, TV shows and movies. If you can comprehend their references and you talk to them about their most loved shows and characters, you’ll pick up a great deal of assurance in their eyes.

These are only a couple tips to remember when you are taking on the appearance of Santa Claus for an event at a Christmas party venue in Cheshire.