Tips to Help Prevent a Cycling Accident

There’s nothing quite like riding a bike, is there? The reasons for riding a bike can seem to stretch as long as an enticingly cyclable road. It’s fashionable, an efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint, can cost less than owning a car, is faster than simply being stuck walking everywhere, it’s good for your health, and, oh, yes, it’s fun!

That is, unless you get into an accident. In 2013 alone, more than a hundred people suffered deaths as the result of a riding accident in the UK, and more than three thousand were injured. Of those suffering serious injuries, more than 600 of them were among those aged 36 to 45, making them the most at-risk group in terms of age, with those 26 to 35 and 46 to 55 close behind. While the best UK claims lawyers can help you when it comes to filing a personal injury suit, should it prove necessary, it would, naturally, be best for you to avoid an accident altogether. Here, then, are a few safety tips to help you avoid bicycle accidents, and take action should they occur.

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Urban Areas

Cycling accidents are, by far, most prevalent in urban areas. You therefore want to be most aware when cycling in those areas. Practicing the basic rules of safety—such as proper signalling, looking both ways before crossing, and of course wearing a helmet, as 75% of bicycle-related fatalities involve head trauma—can go a long way towards helping ensure you don’t end up becoming a statistic yourself. Most of all, you want to be aware of your surroundings. Not only is this important in terms of preventing an accident, but it’s likewise vital if you do get into one and need to file suit against the culprits—the more you can remember, and the more vividly, the better.

Getting Yourself Care

Whether you plan on pressing charges or not, if you are involved in a bike accident, it’s important that you receive the best possible medical attention. This is one area in which the best UK claims lawyers often excel. They can help suggest quality doctors to you, teams who can not only help treat your injuries but likewise help ensure you get the best, and most factual, assessment as to the full extent, nature, and cost of your injuries and medical expenses, all of which are important should you file suit.

Making Your Case

Claims lawyers are here to ensure that no matter who you are, or what your social standing might be, you can have your day in court and the equal access to the justice which underlays the very notion of law. They will work with you to collect facts about the event, confer with your doctor, go over medical, forensic, and other evidence, and make a facts-based case to the court as to the nature and extent of your injuries, the liability of the other party, and the recompense which is rightfully yours.

Stay safe with protection on and off the road, with safety information and legal protection from quality claims law outlets today.