WithFly Medview Airlines, passengers are afforded 2 ways to check into their flights

WithFly Medview Airlines, passengers are afforded 2 ways to check into their flights. These are online or at the airport. Fly Medview passengers get both checked and carryon luggage. The weight for luggage differs between domestic and international flights with the latter being allocated a larger weight limit. Business class ticket holders on either flight type also get a heavier allowance, as do certain members of the Fly Medview loyalty club. The club offers benefits as per the members tier level. The level increases the more times you Fly Medview Airlines

Checking into a Fly Medview flight at the airport is the method that we are all aware of. This is when you would make your way to the airport a couple of hours before your flight is going to depart. The check-in desks are open for around 2 hours for local flights and 3 hours for international flights. Passengers would be at the airport well ahead of these times to secure a spot towards the front of the queue. During the check-in for the flight, several matters are attended to and the consultants handle the entire administration of the process.


First up would be to hand in your booking details to pull up your information. Second is to deal with seat allocation. This is where you get to choose your seat. The earlier you are, the better the chance of getting your aisle or window preference. Third would be to tackle all luggage that will be stored in the cargo hold of the plane. This would be your checked luggage. This is the point where it gets checked into the Fly Medview flight. The consultant sends the bag straight through to the loading deck. Finally, they will print out your boarding pass. Your job is now done. If you have time, you can take a leisurely stroll through the airport or watch the activities on the runway at a viewing deck.

Fly Medview also offers an online check in facility. Here, all of the above mentioned factors of the check in process can be done on the internet. The window of getting it done is also bigger. The facility will open up for your particular flight from 24 hours before it departs. Not only is there a loss of stress in getting to the airport in a timely manner but the ability to get first choice in selecting your seat on the flight. Fly Medview passengers will also need to declare any checked luggage here. On this option, passengers will be responsible for printing their own boarding pass and ensuring that they have it with them when they get to the airport. Majority of the work is done at this point. You can be a bit more relaxed with your timing when this route is chosen for check in but you would still want to ensure you beat traffic or any unseen circumstances and be at the airport in time. This is important for checked luggage in particular. The drop point for luggage closes a half hour before the Fly Medview flight departs.