Here Are a Few Suggestions for Your Road Trip

We always feel awesome when we spend time with our friends. Other than our families, our friends are some of the most important people in the world to us. So we every chance we get, we plan activities everyone in our group would enjoy. We have done amusement parks, shopping, booking a trip abroad, or hikes at mountains that offer the best views. We have even decided to workout with our friends, enrolling in yoga classes or circuit trainings.

It seems we have done almost everything with them already. Now we are looking for that special activity, one as equally exciting as some of the previous ones we have done, thrilling, and just downright fun to do. You know what that is? Road trips.

Yes, road trips are the best. If you have ever been in one, you know that sometimes the destination does not even matter, it is the time spent during the journey that creates the most unforgettable memories. But before you go online to find cheap car rentals from DriveNow, you have got to know some of the things you can do during a long road trip.


Bring a lot of food

Obviously, what is a road trip without a ginormous amount of food? Everyone loves food, and you and your friends can definitely bond over it. The most popular road trip food are chips, sodas, and all kinds of other junk food. It makes sense because they are easier to eat, fairly cheap, and you can easily throw it in a bag once you are done. But make sure to choose other kinds of food that are a bit on the healthy side like bars or biscuits. Choosing those kinds of food will also help you avoid stomach pains while on the road.

Make a playlist of songs you all enjoy

Are there songs the whole group loves listening to? Why not make a playlist out of all those songs and belt your heart out during the trip. You do not need to create one that will last the whole trip as some of your friends probably prefer their personal playlists. But chance upon moment when most of you are looking for something to entertain them, a dull time during the drive perhaps. This group playlist will definitely wake them up.

Find audio books or comedy podcasts you all like

This is a really weird suggestion, yes, but there are groups of friends who bond over books. Have everyone vote for which book they would like to listen to while on the road, in this way, everyone can enjoy the story. While you are at it, look for comedy shows and podcasts that are available either through streaming from Spotify or some other app like the Podcast app on iOS.Really interesting conversations and funny comments have come from listening to audiobooks and podcasts, so never downplay them.

Come up with group games

A simple Google search will yield countless results on group games you can play during a road trip. Just make sure it is not too distracting for the appointed driver.

Last, but not least, you should stop every now and then. This will give each one a chance to go to the restroom or maybe just to stretch your legs a little. Road trips are absolutely fun to do. Just pick a destination, rent a car if you do not have one, then just each other’s company during the trip.