A campervan gives you the flexibility to travel wherever you want to go

A campervan gives you the flexibility to travel wherever you want to go, taking your home comforts with you. You can travel throughout the UK or take your campervan overseas on a ferry to tour around Europe, and even further afield if you so choose.

Creating Extra Space

Unlike a caravan or a tent, which remain on a site throughout your stay, you will want to travel to tourist spots in your campervan or motorhome, which means leaving your pitch. And as any family knows, not everyone is keen to join in all family excursions! You also may not want to pack everything up every day in order to go exploring either. Nowadays though you have options to leave some of your belongings, or even members of your party, behind when you go sightseeing, thanks to the increasing popularity of inflatable awnings.

An inflatable awning gives you plenty of extra space to spread out on your chosen campsite. Drive-away awnings developed specifically for the campervan market allow you to leave them in place when you go off-site in your motorhome, providing much-needed extra space as well as a secure area where you can leave family members who prefer to chill out at the site rather than joining you on expeditions.

How Does an Inflatable Awning Work?

Companies such as Vango and Kampa have created a range of inflatable awnings to accommodate any size and shape of motorhome comfortably. Once you arrive at your chosen campsite, you simply park up your campervan, take out your inflatable awning and pump air into the channels to provide the necessary support for the structure.

You can browse online when choosing the best inflatable awnings for campervans to decide on the size and style that best suits your model of campervan and your needs. Your inflatable awning will come in its own secure bag along with all the fixings that you might require to attach it to your van. The easiest method of attaching the awning is by using the supplied Kador strip, but if your campervan lacks this fixing there are still plenty of other choices. You could attach your awning with a pole and clamp system if your vehicle has a deep side gutter. Alternatively, you could use your campervan’s roof bars to attach your new inflatable awning using the supplied hook and loop tabs.

Vango also supply webbing straps with all of their inflatable awnings, so even if your campervan has no attachment points, you can still attach your awning by passing the straps over the roof of your vehicle and pegging them into the ground.

An inflatable awning gives you much-needed extra space, which you can use for dining or even as a mobile conservatory. Some models allow you to install inner sections which can then be used as additional sleeping areas, allowing you to take friends or family members on holiday with you without ending up living on top of one another.

Your inflatable awning can be left in place throughout your stay. As a stand-alone unit, it is completely self-supporting, so if anyone wants to stay at the campsite while the rest of you go off sightseeing, it’s possible to keep everyone happy. It also means that you don’t have to pack everything up and store it safely in your campervan every time you need to nip to the shops, for example.

Campervan holidays are always great fun, but now, thanks to inflatable awnings, they just got a whole lot more comfortable too.


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