Dutch teenagers travel the world by sailing

Laura arrived in the Caribbean islands, Saint Maarten, on Saturday (21/01), a year and a day, after she started the vessel with a 11×5 meter ship, which she named Guppy.
This Dutch teenager celebrated her birthday during the trip. This round-the-world journey gets opposition from the Dutch education department. For more information you can visit yacht rental dubai.
Guinness World Records refuses to recognize the voyage because it does not want to lure other young people to take risks.
Laura Dekker was born on a ship and by the age of six, she had sailed across the lake by herself.
At the age of 13, he sailed from Holland to England. He then decided to look for another challenge by sailing around the world, alone.
Laura’s parents initially refused but eventually agreed to support her request.
The Dutch government had brought this case to court that decided to prevent this Laura plan because he was too young to sail in the ocean alone.
But after a long struggle through the legal process, Laura finally won the right to sail on condition she had to undergo first aid training and agreed to follow the lesson from afar.

Make homework in the middle of the ocean

Image caption Laura says she will probably go to New Zealand and live there.
Earlier this month, Laura’s father was summoned to the school because she did not finish her homework just in time.
But lawyer Peter de Lange says taking lessons while sailing around the world is not easy.
“There are limitations, Laura does not always have internet access, sometimes there is a storm and she has to think about her safety first,” De Lange said.
“He always tried but the school must realize that there are times when he can not do homework on time.”
There are limits. Laura does not always have internet access. Sometimes there was a storm and he had to think about the safety of himself beforePeter de Lange
For Laura, the Dutch government’s attitude will continue to haunt her.
“I feel the Dutch government is wrong with me, I am afraid that this nightmare will continue to haunt me,” Laura said.
“At sea, I feel comfortable and relaxed, especially when crossing the Indian and Atlantic oceans.”
“Even now, the Dutch government seems to be starting to look for problems again,” he added.
But Joost Lanshage of the Netherlands Youth Bureau says they will continue to research Laura’s journey.
“If Laura sank we would be accused of not doing enough to protect her,” Lanshage said.
“Thank God he’s fine and that’s because of the safety measures we’ve taken before allowing him to leave,” he added.
In the midst of it all, Laura’s journey that ends on the island of St. Maarten, will be recorded in history books as an experience gained in the ocean and not in school.


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