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When to Consider Weight Loss Surgery Having a weight problem is something that many people share in today’s world. People are able to get their hands on delicious foods quickly as it is available in abundance. There are fast food restaurants on every corner in a lot of big cities and towns. A double whammy that many people face are having jobs where they sit at a desk all day. A sitting job equals less calories burned throughout the day and that also contributes to being overweight. People often realize that they have gained weight when their jeans won’t zip up anymore and they have to buy a size or two up. Many have to hear from their doctor that they have a health issue due to being overweight or face an embarrassing situation to realize that it’s time to do something about weight. A doctor will typically recommend beginning a strict exercise and diet plan or venturing toward a weight loss surgery option. People that are morbidly obese or that have obesity with a health condition often get weight loss surgery recommended to them by doctors because weight loss surgery has a much higher rate of success among this population than simply relying on diet and exercise. It is important to meet with a bariatric surgeon to discuss surgical options and what it takes to get approved for the surgery. Bariatric surgeons usually ask that patients lose a percentage of their excess weight or a number of pounds before they will approve you for the surgery. There are three common types of weight loss surgery being offered to patients. The first option and the most invasive is known as the gastric bypass or RNY surgery. A gastric bypass consists of the surgeon bypassing a segment of the intestines and also creating a tiny pouch to make a small stomach. It produces the fastest amount of weight loss when compared to the other two surgeries. The next weight loss surgery is the sleeve gastrectomy and it consists of eighty percent or more of the stomach being removed and a small sleeve being given for restriction.
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Gastric sleeve also helps with reducing the hunger hormones in the body. It offers comparable weight loss results to the bypass. Lap-band is the third surgery being offered and is minimally invasive and allows for a band to be placed around the stomach for restriction. The lap band is the least invasive surgery of the three but it also offers the least weight loss over time based on medical studies. Deciding on the right weight loss surgery is vital so that you can experience good weight loss results and enjoy more vibrant health benefits.The Essential Laws of Health Explained


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