At Copenhagen Bike Company, there are different models of bike that depends on various riding designs.  In the entire universe, there is no a single bike model that can do it all.  If you try to trails up and down the mountain with a road bike, you will not like the; the different models serve different purposes.  There are usually three main categories of bikes. These are the mountain bikes, the road bikes, and the hybrid bikes.  Each of three categories has subcategories that are defined by their specialized roles. In addition, these subcategories can be broken down into various types. For instance, under the mountain bike categories, there are full suspension or hardtail bikes.

Road bikes

The most uncomplicated bike type to explain is the road bikes.  These bikes are for riding on hard concrete surfaces.  The frames of road bikes are light in weight and stiff.  The road bikes have no suspension. The tires are narrow and require a higher-pressure pump of about 100psi. They contain a dropped handlebar located under the riders into a riding position which is extremely useful in relocating the rider’s energy via the drive train to the road.  All these characteristics of the road bikes are for the reason of transferring the power efficiently.  For instance, a suspension system would inhibit some energy, lowering its effectiveness.

Mountain bikes

The mountain bikes are complicated to pronounce since they have different features. Some people refer the mountain bikes as MTBs. The mountain bikes have various categories and sub-categories, which shares so many features.  The mountain bikes have a large diameter frame for durability. The Copenhagen mountain bikes have an aluminum frame. The aluminum material ensures that the bike is light in weight. In addition, some mountain bikes bear carbon frames. Their tires are wide and have a reduced pressure of about 40psi.

The geometry of mountain bikes varies according to the model of the bike, which depends on the riding style.  The subcategories of bicycles bear different geometry; for instance, downhill racers are different from a cross-country model. Every mountain bike model carries a modified suspension, which varies due to the riding styles of the bike.

The hybrid-bikes

The hybrid-bike category is well described as a cross between the mountain bikes and the road bikes.  Their primary purpose of hybrid bikes is general riding. The bikes have a different model that allows them to serve both on the road and off the road riding goals.  However, do not think they are equal to other bikes since they serve both purposes.  They are increased and more modified.  The geometry of the hybrid bikes positions the rider at an upright position.   The bikes have thinner tires than the mountain bikes but are close to road bikes. There are different subcategories of the hybrid bikes and are modified in different ways. However, having improved features is what gives this bike model a more extensive riding range but with several performance limitations.  If you aspire to get a bike, it would be better to get a hybrid bike since it serves general riding purposes.


In conclusion, it is common for an avid cyclist to have more than one bike.  Bike lovers own different bikes for different rides. In some places, you can find people who have more than four bike types. Others have. Having in mind that there is no a single bike that can do it all, you cannot also hesitate to get several models.