Top 7 clean beaches in the world

Heaven, sure, is a little closer when you are at a beach. Whether you are a mountain person or just a ‘sit at home and binge watch series’ person, the beauty and tranquility of some beaches will definitely lure you. These beaches will give you an unforeseen experience of peace and rejuvenation. There are still a lot of beaches in the world, which have not been polluted and retain impeccable purity. Plan your next beach vacation with the best trip planner. Here is a list of some of the cleanest beaches in the world to give you some ideas about your destination-

1.Cala Macarelleta, Menorca, Spain

Nestled in the picturesque Spanish island of Menorca, the Cala Macarelleta is a scenic cove of turquoise sea and white sand. The crystal-clear water of this beach is perfect for nude swimming and sunbathing. Cala Macarelleta can easily be reached by a bus or there is a provision of free parking as well. One of the most beautiful beaches of world, the Cala Macarelleta is, without any doubt, amongst the cleanest beaches in the world too.

2. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

Graced with the accolades like Queensland’s Cleanest Beach and Top Eco-Friendly Beach in the World, the Whitehaven Beach stands tall in the Whitsunday Island of Australia. The incredibly white sand of this beach does not retain heat which makes the beach comfortable to walk barefoot even on a hot day. The shallow waters of celestial, turquoise and greenish tones are hard to resist once you reach the beach. The Whitehaven Beach is truly a heaven on Earth.

3.Dreamland Beach, Bali

The Dreamland Beach located on the Bali island of Indonesia is an elegant stretch across the rugged coastline of the Bukit Peninsula. The vivid spirits, stunning scenery and vibrant atmosphere of the beach just adds to the beauty of its lucid waters. It was spotted by a western surfer in the 70s and is a popular spot for water sports since then. Dreamland beach is perfect for surfing and enjoying sunset.

4.Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

The Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia is a virgin tropical island and a paradise in the Gulf of Siam. It is popularly known for its tranquility that takes you to another world. The Koh Rong Samloem is fortunately not spoiled by the backpacking party culture, which has helped in keeping its cleanliness and purity intact. It is the best kept secret of Cambodia.

5.Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, India

The Havelock Island beach in the Andaman Islands of India is famous for its unforeseen reef and swimming elephants. Picture some of the world’s most beautiful beaches before the backpackers, late night parties and resorts and you have Havelock Island. The immaculate and peaceful nature of the beach is what makes the beach one of the cleanest and most picturesque beaches in the world.

6.Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines

Considered as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Bacuit Archipelago houses many deserted islands, white sand beaches, lush forests and crystalline waters. This is an extraordinarily stunning setting for swimming and relaxing. With almost 30 dive spots, the Bacuit Archipelago is amongst the world’s most favorable spots for scuba diving. Not to mention, the hundreds of species of fish and coral will mesmerize you.

7.Tulum Beach, Mexico

The Tulum Beach in Mexico is a chic destination with a rich historical past. Snorkelling is the most recommended activity to do on the shores of Tulum. It is a white sand beach with beautifully placed isolated rocks. The relaxed and laid-back vibes of Tulum beach will make you want to visit this beach time and again.

Tulum Beach in Mexico is an elegant destination with a rich historical past. Snorkeling is the most recommended activity to do on the coasts of Tulum. It is a white sand beach with isolated rocks and beautifully located. The relaxed and relaxed atmosphere of Tulum beach will make you want to visit this beach again and again. In Mexico you will be able to enjoy the best beaches and the best resorts in order to make your vacation a dream.

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