Travelling London on a Budget

It has been a dream of yours to be a part of the UK crowd and enjoy a great trip to London. You have been planning for this trip for some years now. Unfortunately, you are in a tight budget and can’t afford to spend luxuriously on your London trip. Well, don’t worry, here are some useful tips to explore London without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you want to visit London in a short budget then you need to do some good research to know the many ways to save your travel cost. Do not worry; you do not need to skip your meals or sightseeing.  However, you need to calculate some basic things, such as cost of your flight tickets, hotel, food, local transportation and sightseeing. Keep some budget for shopping too. You can save your money through some affordable flight and hotel booking, and you must sketch the travel plan much in advance, about two months.

  • Saving on London flight tickets

Firstly, book flight tickets two months in advance. You can take advantage of your airline mileage, and most of the airlines can offer you free-sign-up or joining bonus to save extra cost. Now most of the airlines offer extra miles, and if you are a frequent traveler then you can avail this offer. For example, if you want to book Dublin to London flights for your family vacation then you can add your extra air-miles and save your cost. You can easily find this feature on the airline’s website.  You can also save your flight cost by participating in some online contests, getting the credit card bonus or availing some joining or new sign-up-offers. Search these things online and do some research before plan to visit London.

  • Staying in London:

Apart from cheap hotels below $100, you can also consider safe and affordable central hostels. University halls can also be considered. You can also check out rooms or apartments or travel site deals. You can also save your hotel booking amounts by redeeming your credit card points. You can also find some offers online where reputed hotels in London offer a free night stay on booking of two nights.

  • Eating in budget:

To eat cheap in London, go for buffet and cafes. You can also opt for chain restaurants. Another smart option is buying pre-made sandwiches from supermarkets or other shops. Street food and food trucks in London offer mouthwatering food.

  • Perfect for walking and cycling:

For far-off places, you can take a public transport to reach the place. However, for exploring central London, you can choose walking or cycling. Remember, that London is a planned city, and it is a perfect place for walking and cycling. Simply rent a cycle for the number of days, you can easily explore every nook and corner of this area on your cycle.

  • London shopping tips:

London is a great place for shopping. You can get some great bargains if you know where to look. Many high-street stores offer affordable clothing like Primark.

  • West end tickets are cheap:

You can always enjoy West End theatre as the tickets are reasonable. For some big discounts, try to purchase tickets in advance.

  • Get the London Pass:  Even before you arrive to the main city, keep your eyes open for discounts. The London Pass happens to be the perfect way to help you save some big bucks. This pass allows free entry to 60+ London attractions like the Tower of London, London Bridge and many others.

These are few ways to help you save on your trip to London. By following these tips, you can surely enjoy your trip within your budget. Moreover, you can check tailor-made, budget friendly London tour packages.