Some things are worth doing at least once in a lifetime simply because they are special. Visiting unique destinations and trying new things are among the most popular activities people add to their bucket lists. When it comes to things that are worth adding to your bucket list, Thailand has plenty.

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There are a lot of unique activities and attractions offered by the country. A trip to Thailand is always magical and fun but add these activities to your itinerary and you will have an incredible trip for sure; adding them to your bucket list is definitely a must.

A Visit to the Lotus Lake

The Lotus Lake is situated in Tambon Chiang Haeo. It is a popular destination in Thailand for one particular reason; the lake is filled with lotus flowers and you will not find anything quite like the sight you’ll come across at this destination.

Time your visit correctly and you will be greeted by an ensemble of colours. The pink lotus flowers look even more beautiful when paired with golden rays coming from the sun and the blue, cloudy sky that can usually be found in Thailand.

The Elephant Experience

Elephants are an important animal for Thailand. They are the symbol of the culture, which is why it is not surprising to find the best elephant sanctuary in this country. The Chiang Mai elephant conservation center not only offers ethical elephant adventures, but it allows you to truly experience something different.

The elephants at the elephant conservation centre bond really well with the humans looking after them. You can really see how the two species interact, how the elephants are protected, and how the eco-tourism in this place is designed to be very sustainable. Besides, nothing is more fun than playing with elephants – yes, baby elephants included – all day.

The Party Island

If you are looking to have the wildest, most memorable party in your life, Thailand is definitely the place to bee. Koh Phangan Island is the place to visit. The island has a reputation for being the go-to place for thrill-seekers and party-lovers from around the world.

What’s great about the Koh Phangan Island is how the island parties all the time, and how the parties are there for everyone to enjoy. The locals will be partying with you, travellers from around the world are joining the fun, and there are always parties to go to 24/7.

Sunrise from the Clouds

The last activity we are going to discuss is also in Chiang Mai. The city has seen some of the most beautiful sunrises over the years, and you can have the best seat by booking a hot air balloon ride in the morning.

Think about it. Chiang Mai is a place with temples, gorgeous landscapes, hills, and various amenities; watching the sunrise while taking a hot air balloon rise is exactly how you want to see the city at its most beautiful.

So, which of these activities will you add to your bucket list? They are all certainly worth trying whenever you visit Thailand. There is no doubt that you will have some unforgettable moments to take home with these activities and attractions.