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A List of Things You’ll Wonder About Before Accepting a Golf Course Management Role Whether you have been working for years to get a job as a golf course manager or a role just popped-up out of nowhere, the fact that you decided to read this guide implies that you may very well be moving your career in the direction of golf course management in the near future. You might, however, as anyone would, have some questions about what this new role will entail before you officially accept it. The rest of this guide features a few helpful pieces of information. As you read on, it is important to remember that not every golf course management candidate has the same personal or professional background. Therefore, you might find that some of the questions that are listed here aren’t applicable to your personal situation. This is fairly normal for a guide like this. Basic articles are intended to be useful in some way to each and every reader, but every bit of information isn’t necessarily going to be relevant to your circumstance. Do Golf Course Managers Need to Have College Degrees?
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This is a question that people in most industries ask themselves. In the realm of golf course management, the answer, in short, is that you may or may not need a degree. Having a bachelor’s degree, in most cases, will make it easier for you to land whatever job you want. The majority of golf course management roles that ask that all applicants have degrees prefer them to be in hospitality management or in business. You should be aware that management experience can sometimes be considered commiserate with a degree.
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Do I Need to Be a Golfing Enthusiast in My Own Right? There’s no concrete rule that states that you can’t work as a golf course manager unless you also play golf yourself. That aside, it’s absolutely a good thing to have a passion for the industry you’re planning to work in long-term. If you do golf, you’re sure to have a better grasp of the things you facility’s clients want and need than someone who never plays the game. The crux of this point is that you will probably have a better chance of getting hired as a golf course manager if you do, in fact, play golf. How Much Do These Kinds of Jobs Tend to Pay? The majority of golf course managers make fairly good money for wherever they live. You do need to consider, though, that golf courses can be found in just about every area. A facility that is looking to hire a manager in an expensive suburb, for instance, is likely to be offering more money than one that can be found between several rural communities. Make sure you account for cost of living in the region before you take a new job.


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